2003-06: Sing Out! in Dublin (LGMC)

Sing Out! is an annual choral festival and conference for the various gay and lesbian choirs in the UK and Ireland. This year's was held at Dublin City University, Eire.

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DavidGormless I have no idea what David was thinking here…
DavidMartin David Standing and Martin Ledbury
DavidRichMartin David Standing, Rich Callegari and Martin Ledbury
DublinCityUniversity A view of Dublin City University from my accommodation in Larkfield Apartments.
Gloria Ireland's only gay and lesbian choir, Gloria, performing for the other choirs at Sing Out
RichCanteen Rich Callegari in the DCU main restaurant
RichRob Rich Callegari and Rob Jones
RiverLiffey The river Liffey, with the Custom House in the background
TempleBarPub An old-style Dublin pub
TempleBarShop A typical shop in Temple Bar, Dublin
TempleBarStreetSceneR Temple Bar, the cultural quarter of Dublin
TheGeorge The George, Dublin's oldest gay pub

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