LGMC: Mardi Gras 2002

Here are selected highlights from the various Mardi Gras 2002 photos, taken by myself and my partner Edward. This year we were lucky enough to have a float, tastefully decorated by Mike Thorn, to match our summer concert theme, "A Golden Reign". Riding the float were a number of suitably costumed Queens.

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LabelQueen Label Queen (Martin Ledbury)
Whitehall1 Leaving Trafalgar Square and heading down Whitehall
ParkLane Heading down Park Lane
OneOfTheCorgis One of the royal corgis (which took a liking to Robert Offord's leg)
Queen2 The Queen Herself (Alisdair Low)
DramaQueen Drama Queen (David Standing)
CarnivalQueen Carnival Queen (Jon Wong)
SizeQueen Size Queen (Rich Callegari)
ButchQueen Butch Queen (Paul Lancaster)
SizeQueenRearView Rich Callegari from the rear
DancingQueen Dancing Queen (John Moysen)
BrettCraig Brett McHargue and Craig Brierley
QueensOnTheFloat2 Waiting for the off in Grosvenor Square
DragQueen Drag Queen (Andrew Severs)
JohnMiserable2 Me looking stern, for some reason
LeatherQueen Leather Queen (Nik Miles)
VictoriaStreet1 Handing out flyers to marchers in Victoria Street
WestminsterAbbey1 The Queens arrive at Westminster Abbey
Whitehall2 Distributing postcards and flyers down Whitehall

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