LGMC: Mardi Gras 2001

The LGMC were proud to take part in the 2001 Mardi Gras parade through the streets of London. It was a grand day out, despite our melodic tones being drowned out by some very strident drumming. Thanks to Edward for most of these photos!

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HydePark10 We're right at the front!
HydePark6 The Chorus proudly displays its 10th Anniversary banner
HydePark9 Waiting for the off
VictoriaStreet1 An impromptu performance in Victoria Street
VictoriaStreet4 The Chorus performs for the other paraders
WaitingToGo2 Eamonn Twomey, Jon Wong, Colin Mosley and Ray Fulcher
WaitingToGo3 Roland Anderson, Acting Musical Director
WaitingToGo8 Phil Hewson, Phil Giorgi and Allen Withington
WestminsterAbbey1 The Chorus parade past Westminster Abbey
Whitehall13 Heading for Downing Street
Whitehall16 Tony Matuska's amazing Chorus chariot
Whitehall2 Leaving Trafalgar Square
Whitehall3 Walking down Whitehall
Whitehall6 Robert Ingham, Simon Rooks and I give it some welly
Whitehall7 Another good view of the chariot

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