2002-08-03: Louise and Rob's Wedding

Photos from the marriage of Louise, a long-standing friend from sixth form college, to Rob. It was a happy and warm occasion, despite the less-than-perfect weather, and a last-minute change of venue.

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DonPam2 Louise's parents, Pam and Don
John1 Me in the statutory wedding suit
LouisePam1 Louise and her mother-in-law, Pam
LouiseRobParents Louise, Rob and their parents
LouiseRobSigning1 Louise and Rob signing the marriage register
LouiseSisters1 Louise and her sisters Sarah, Mandy and Jenny.
LucyLouiseTrudy Louise with her college friends Lucy and Trudy
MichaelLiam1 Michael Jackson and his son Liam
RobsFamily2 Louise, Rob and Rob's family
SarahMichael Sarah and Michael Jackson
ThrowingTheConfetti Throwing the confetti…
Tim1 Tim Fitzpatrick, proudly displaying his favourite tie

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