2002-08-05: Summer Party at Cecil Sharp House (LGMC)

After the success of our summer concert, we threw a Chorus summer party at Cecil Sharp House, our rehearsal space in Camden. As well as eating, drinking and having a sing-song, we also got a sneak preview of the concert video.

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BariBoyz Bryan Sollenberger. David Standing, Paul Wallis, Rich Callegari and me
BrettGeorgeJohnLaurence Brett McHargue, George Calia, John Sparks and Laurence Brown
JohnBryan John Goodwin and Bryan Sollenberger
MartinJeffBillThomas Martin Ledbury, Jeff Claxton, Bill Park and Thomas Harrison
PeterAlanJonathan Peter Croughan, Alan McNaught and Jonathan Beech
RichPaulJon Rich Callegari, Paul Tame and Jon Wong
RobertLynn Robert Ingham and Lynn Ramsey
SimonCabaret Simon Sharp, our accompanist
SteveNigelPaul Steve Hignett, Nigel Farmer and Paul Lancaster

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