2002-05-18: Gordon and Sharon's Wedding

My cousin, Gordon Cameron, married his partner Sharon at Duddingston Kirk, a beautiful little church nestling under Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh. I hadn’t seen Gordon for years, so it was great to have a chance to catch up.

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CuttingTheCake3 Cutting the cake…
GordonAndSharonKirk1 Gordon and Sharon in Duddingston Kirk
KevinAndKirstyEvening1 Kirsty and her partner Kevin
KirstyInKirkGarden1 My cousin Kirsty in the kirk's garden
KirstyInKirkGarden2 Another shot of Kirsty
MumInKirkGarden1 Mum, in the kirk's beautiful private garden
SharonAndGordonKirkGarden3 Sharon and Gordon in the garden after the wedding
SharonInKirkGarden1 Sharon in the garden of Duddingston Kirk

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