Curriculum vitae for Dr John Wright

Personal details

Full name John Francis Wright
Date of birth 15th March 1969
Age 36
Marital status Long-term relationship
Nationality British
Location Crouch End, London

Contact details (last updated 18th July 2005)

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Education summary

1992–1996 University of Surrey, Guildford
1991–1992 University of Kent, Canterbury
1989–1990 Université d'Orléans, France
1987–1991 Aston University, Birmingham
1985–1987 Worthing Sixth Form College, Worthing
1980–1985 Durrington High School, Worthing


Higher degrees 1995

Ph.D. in Neural Networks (Cognitive Neuropsychology)

  1992 M.Sc. in Computer Science, passed with Distinction
First degrees 1991 B.Sc. in Modern Languages: French, First Class Honours
    B.A. in Modern Languages: English
S-levels 1987 French (Merit)
A-levels 1987 Computer Science (A)
  1987 French (A)
  1987 Mathematics (B)
Major prizes/awards 1992 Prize for highest marks on M.Sc. course at University of Kent
  1991 Departmental prize for degree result at Aston University

Technical experience

Programming languages C#, Java, C++, C, BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN
Scripting languages Python, MS-DOS, VB/Java/ECMAScript, UNIX Shell (Bourne, Korn, C)
GUI programming .NET, Java Swing/AWT, Visual C++/MFC, Visual Basic/VBA, X Window System (Xlib, Motif)
Operating systems Windows (XP/2000/NT/ME/98), UNIX (Solaris, AIX, Linux), MS-DOS, JVM, .NET
Database technologies SQL Server, Oracle, Access, SQL, ADO.NET, ADO/DAO, JDBC/ODBC
Design methodologies UML/OMT, Jackson Structured Design
Distributed object technologies CORBA (Orbix, ACE/TAO), COM/ATL/ActiveX
Web technologies .NET, ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, XML, CGI
Other products Perforce, Embarcadero Describe, Rational Rose, SourceSafe, Project, Office, SparcWorks
Courses attended Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Learning Tree), Mastering Derivatives (Taylor Associates), Java and CORBA (QA Training)

Full-time employment

Name and address deleted by request
February 1996 – present day
My current employer is a global financial software company which develops, amongst others, derivatives pricing and risk management analytics for the investment banking market. It currently employs around 10,000 people in offices in Europe, the US and the Far East. The business unit for which I work is a market leader in derivatives pricing libraries and add-ins.

From February 1996 to August 1997, my role was predominantly as a software engineer, working on all products, and in particular pricing add-ins for Microsoft Excel and Applixware in a number of financial domains: exotic equity, FX and commodity options, equity derivatives such as convertible bonds and warrants, fixed income instruments, and complex interest rate derivatives. During this period, I worked mainly on the development of GUIs for PC-based products using Visual C++ and VBA, and the porting of existing PC-based products to Solaris and AIX.

From August 1997 to the present day, I have been employed as a project manager, co-ordinating all stages of the product lifecycle from inception through to delivery and maintenance. I have been responsible for, in turn, the complete range of options pricing products (Exotics, Advanced Options, Equity Options XL, Options Wizard and Generalised Monte Carlo), the best-selling range of equity derivatives pricing products (Equity-Convertibles and Convertibles XL) and the first development phase of a new suite of three-tier client-server portfolio management systems (of which Equity Portfolio will be the first incarnation). I have managed teams of varying sizes, up to a maximum of twelve people.

Although my management responsibilities have increased considerably from August 1997 onwards, I have always remained hands-on, and have contributed to the analysis, design, implementation, testing, delivery, maintenance and technical support of the above systems. In particular, I have gained the following core skills:

Programming in .NET/C# (3 year's experience)
Programming in Java (6 years)
Programming in C++/C (8 years)
Project management and team leading skills (7 years)
Object-oriented analysis and design (8 years)

Vacation/part-time employment

Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford
October 1992 – January 1996
Part-time work: lecturing on neural network theory to undergraduates, marking assignments and conducting tutorials

Other skills

Fluency in spoken and written French
Some knowledge of German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch and British Sign Language
Current, clean driving licence

Pastimes and interests

Sports Swimming, badminton, skiing, squash, walking
Music Choral singing, piano, classical guitar
Arts Learning languages (most recently BSL and Dutch), modern art, theatre, European cinema
Science Astrophotography, popular science
General Eating out, ballroom/Latin American dancing, travel (Europe, USA)