LGMC: Because I Sing

The 'Because I Sing' concert at the Roundhouse, Camden, must have been one of the most unusual, and well-publicised, concerts we've taken part in. Taking place on the 31st March and 1st April 2001, the concert amassed sixteen of London's 'hidden' choirs for a celebration of song.

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JohnnyTheCoordinator Johnny, our concert coordinator
DanMartinPaul A triptych: Dan, Martin and Paul Allen
Roundhouse The Roundhouse, Camden
GabrielJohnJohn Gabriel Yap, John Moysen and John Sparks
MartinTonyEamonn Martin, Eamonn and Tony Comerford
AlasdairDavid Alisdair and David Harris
MoreFans Yet more fans
RolandTimFans Camp? Never!
LaurenceGeorgeCuddly Laurence and George looking cuddly
JeremyBouquet3 Jeremy accepting his parting bouquet
JeremyBouquet4 Robert presents a bouquet to Jeremy
PaulDan Paul Hawley and Dan Clunie
RobinThompson Robin Thompson, looking suave
SecondTenors Various second tenors
AlasdairMartin Alisdair Low and Martin Brophy
RoundhousePosters Because I Sing posters at the Roundhouse

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