Thursday, October 14, 2004

Evening Standard review of "For The Public Good"

Here's what they had to say...

"Over at the London Coliseum, ENO prepared for the building's December centenary with For the Public Good, a 45-minute précis of Coliseum history, from futurist manifestoes to Churchillian speechifying during the Second World War. If the words "site-specific community opera" fill you with horror, the results were engrossing. Hundreds of amateur singers filled the stalls with bustling energy and raucous good humour, with a few professionals (including Denise Leigh, joint winner of Channel 4's Operatunity) extended to the stage. Tamsin Collison's libretto and Orlando Gough's music were both nicely irreverent, and Stephen Langridge's production made full use of the Coli's inbuilt theatricality. There are those who will tell you that English National Opera has lost its way; For the Public Good suggests otherwise."

Friday, October 08, 2004

For The Public Good

Hmm.  I've been feeling very guilty about not posting to my blog for a while.  I note from my webstats that I'm getting a trickle of interest from the Guardian's web site... no doubt from people thinking that they're going to see some interesting tittle-tattle about Crouch End.  Ah well.

Anyway, the reason for this posting is that I've got another concert coming up.  The London Gay Men's Chorus (or around thirty of us) are taking part in a choral celebration of the 100th anniversary of the London Coliseum.  It's an amateur production which has been organised by the English National Opera's educational arm (ENO Baylis), and should be a fun little concert -- the history of the Coliseum is surprisingly varied, and the oratorio we're performing ranges from the amusing to the frankly bizarre.

Let's hope we get some good coverage in the broadsheets.