Monday, December 01, 2003

Well, that's it. Another season is over. Last night's concert in Brighton was a fitting finale to a year of extremely hard work in the Chorus. I have to say, it went pretty damn well. Rehearsals went smoothly, the tech run was a breeze, there weren't any pre-show nerves at all. It was a little eerie, in fact. And we got a good response, especially for some of the solos and the choreographed numbers like Mein Herr.

It's kind of strange now. After so much hard work, with concerts in London, Milton Keynes, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester and Brighton, we've got nothing to do performance-wise until next May or June. A long period of note-bashing lies ahead... oh yes, I forgot to mention we will be appearing in Trafalgar Square on the 18th December for a spot of carol-singing.